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  • Decorating mini envelopes


    If you've been following along for a while, you'll know I like an easy craft and love my stash of washi tape

    These mini envelopes (with cute card insert) are a sweet addition to gift wrapping tiny parcels, bullet journaling pages and homemade cards. There are lots of ways to decorate them with your own small flourish.

    Decorating mini envelopes

    In these photos I've decorated the mini envelopes with my usual craft favourites:

    - vintage or European stamps (you can easily buy packs online), or you could use something like this Polaroid washi tape.

    - white Posca fineliner pen

    - gold washi tape

    - neon pink washi tape

    - a craft mat and scalpel

    I used the scalpel to cut out a letter E shape from a stamp, and to edge the envelopes by placing a small strip of tape upside-down on the cutting mat and cutting round the edges.

    mini envelopes washi tape

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    - Check out our collection of washi tapes here.

  • Washi tape stickers


    If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll have easily spotted that my favourite product discovery of the last year has been these washi tape stickers! I love some easy crafting, so I find it very satisfying to just add a few when posting my favourite cards, or for decorating plain gift tags, kraft envelopes or plain wrapping paper. How do you use yours?

    wildflower stickers

    Wildflower washi tape stickers

    Washi tape stickers mixed

    Mixed shapes washi tape stickers

    Washi tape stickersPastel flowers washi tape stickers

    Shop the full range here.

  • Christmas wrapping ideas


    Are you looking for new Christmas wrapping ideas to make wrapping presents part of the seasonal fun? If you like a bit of Christmas crafting, I hope you'll like some of my simple, but very effective, gift topper and gift wrapping ideas for Christmas and holiday gifts. If you don't have time for homemade gifts (I rarely do) it might make the festive season seem less frenzied if you can set aside a little time for some kind of creative activity. Making unique gift wrap is very satisfying.

    Christmas gift wrap

    Christmas wrapping party

    I love to see other's gift wrapping ideas too, and it's something people often enjoy, so why not consider making it a group activity? In previous years we've taken part in gift wrapping parties, where we supply brown paper, craft supplies, a bit of greenery and some festive drinks - and ask for a charity donation in exchange. 

    The cost is pretty minimal - brown paper is inexpensive, and bakers twine usually comes in 100m rolls - so it doesn't cost too much to execute. I try to group supplies together so it isn't too chaotic - I organise washi tape by similar colours on these large safety pins. I've found that friends are generally happy to stick with classic colour schemes, so rather than catering for everyone's wrapping whims, try being consistent in your supplies. I like to use a silver and gold Christmas theme, with natural brown paper and foliage.

    If you're expecting a lot of people or think this is something you might do in future years, you might be able to buy brown paper and tissue paper and bulk from your nearest whole flower market - we bought bunches of eucalyptus and a ream of pretty gold star tissue from London't New Covent Garden flower market (you don't need to be a florist or have a wholesale account to shop there, just remember that the prices quoted will exclude VAT, and that if you show up a little later the sellers will be more patient with you.) A traditional colour theme using red ribbon and dark green paper also works well.

    In more ambitious years we've combined gift wrapping with making beeswax candles, lemon curd and peppermint bark, and provided the jars and catering boxes to wrap them in - but more recently I've found it easier to just let people wrap their own gifts. If you really want to include a 'making' element, people love making pom poms with the inexpensive plastic pom pom makers you can easily buy online.

    Have you ever done something similar? If wrapping Christmas presents is not your idea of fun, you might find an event like this at least focuses your mind on the task - or you might find someone enthusiastic to do it for you! I've seen some friends in a new light when I've witnessed creative skills I didn't know they had!

    Christmas wrapping ideas

    Easy ways to make unique gift wrap

    1. Add a personalised touch

    An easy way to make a parcel look special is simply to use a letter sticker to add the recipient's initial, or a rubber stamp to stamp their name or initial. I love the font on these alphabet stamps.

    wrapping Christmas presents

    2. Add a small crafty touch

    Even a small crafty element will make your Christmas gift wrap unique. Your friend or family member will appreciate the extra effort! Here's some easy ideas that anyone can manage:

    Make your own gift tags

    - Even if your crafting skills aren't amazing (I'm all about the quick crafty fix myself), you can stamp a design on a plain brown tag (don't worry if it goes off the edge - that looks great too), add a little washi tape to the edge of a tag or small envelope, or layer a couple of items (try a letter sticker on top of washi tape stripes). You may find creative skills you didn't know you had!

    - Use a stamp to make the tag itself. Many of our rubber stamps are a good size for making tags (we added a silver star sticker on top of our Christmas tree stamp). You can use a rivet punch (this is the one I bought from Amazon) to make a hole at the top.

    Christmas gift wrapping ideas

    Make your own wrapping paper

    - Use stamps on plain brown paper to make your own wrapping paper. We keep paper from online deliveries, stamp it with nature-themed stamps, and then scrunch up the paper afterwards for a rustic look! Geometric designs look better on smooth paper. It doesn't matter if the designs are randomly repeated and not in exact lines so don't worry about accuracy - when it's wrapped up no-one will notice. For small parcels you can add washi tape or glitter tape triangles to jazz up plain paper. I'd stay small scale if you do this one - you'll soon get crafter's fatigue if you attempt anything more ambitious! If you don't have many Christmas-specific craft supplies to hand you can still be creative - try using the rubber on the end of a pencil to make polka dots on plain paper!


    3. Less doesn't have to be more

    Add as much bling as you're comfortable with: things I like to add include eucalyptus stems (these dry out nicely, so you don't need to worry about bits of pine all over the carpet), gypsophila, dried orange slices, jingle bells, cute paperclips such as these arrow paperclips, and glitter stars.


    4. Add a touch of luxury

    This year I'm using this leather string, which is a beautiful quality and a stylish alternative to Christmas ribbon. I'm mainly using it on small gifts, as it's pricey if you're wrapping huge boxes, but for larger boxes, why not try this gold and white bakers twine or this elegant black wax string. Both are 100 metres long so will wrap lots of presents!

     Christmas wrapping

    Gift wrapping ideas

     What are your favourite Christmas gift wrapping ideas?

    Everything used above is available in my shop. You can find all of the gift wrap supplies here.


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  • How to make a washi tape feather


    Want an easy but striking washi tape idea?

    I've been making washi tape feathers for years, as they've consistently been one of my favourite washi tape crafts. They're easy to make as long as you're careful in your approach (they involve some fine detail) and soon become addictive! I can guarantee that if you give someone a gift with one of these on top, they'll be seriously impressed with your crafting prowess and they'll want to learn how to make one too! You can tout yourself as a washi tape expert :)

    I've also rounded up our top 10 washi tape wrapping ideas - if you'd like our free guide, sign up to our mailing list and a free PDF will shortly pop into your inbox!

    Lay out your washi tape

    1. Lay out a piece of washi tape flat on a cutting mat, double the length of how long you want your feather to be. I folded a little extra under at the top, to secure the tape to the board.

    Add the thread

    2. Run a piece of thread down the centre of the tape, starting from the halfway point and leaving some extra length at the bottom (the bone of the feather.) You can use wax string or something thicker but I find the best results come from normal sewing thread.

    washi tape feathers step one

    {Included above: large safety pin, neon yellow washi tape, white washi tape, neon pink washi tape, pastel washi tape.}

    Fold over the washi tape

    3. Fold the washi tape over on itself at the midpoint, being careful to line up the outside edges.

    washi tape feather step two

    Shape the feather 

    4. Cut round the edge of the tape, to shape it into a feather shape.

    washi tape feather step three

    Feather it out

    5. Using a scalpel, cut lines in an upwards diagonal, away from the thread in the middle. You don't want to cut through the tape, but try and cut as close to the centre as possible. Cut the opposite side in the opposite direction - still cutting upwards, but towards the left on the left side. vs. the right on the right side.

    washi tape feather step four

    And finally, the finished feather!

    6. Pull apart the slits carefully with your fingers to form your feather shape. They look great as a gift topper, especially bunched together. 

    Washi tape supplies

    You can check out our range of washi tape here. I think the feathers look best in solid colours, such as these:

    - Neon pink washi tape

    Gold washi tape

    - Bright colours washi tape set


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  • Washi tape uses


    I've been stocking washi tape since I first saw it on American design blogs almost a decade ago, and have loved it ever since. I recently found these easy ideas for using washi tape in the Papermash archive. There are so many washi tape uses - even children love it! Here's a few suggestions of things to do with washi tape - even the least crafty person can easily recreate these styling and gift wrapping ideas!

    If you want more suggestions, I've created a free PDF with 10 of our favourite washi tape gift wrapping ideas, which you can get if you sign up to our mailing list here.

    1. Decorating plain pegs 

    A very easy craft to do with washi tape is decorating these mini pegs. These add a special touch to gift wrapping or for can be used for decorating a moodboard. I just placed the mini peg upside down on a cutting mat and sliced the tape to size around it.

    Washi taped wooden pegs

    2. Mini washi tape bunting

    There's always multiple tiny jam jars or yoghurt pots in my cupboard and it's easy to make mini bunting by folding a piece of washi tape over some fine string or thread. Multiple jars make great table settings on a long summer table. If you're keen to make a longer length, it looks great as wrapping on a plain brown parcel too.

    Washi tape mini bunting

    3. Decorate a gift tag

    It's so easy to buy cheap luggage tags or plain brown tags and decorate them with a few strips of washi tape in your favourite colours! You can cut them into little triangles or simply layer stripes horizontally or vertically, or tape round the edges.

    Washi taped gift tag

    Washi taped luggage label

    Check out our washi tape selection here. We stock only the highest quality washi tapes from Japan, including MT tape and Maste brands.

    Sign up for our free PDF of washi tape ideas here.


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  • Valentines washi tape postcards


    For Valentines Day, I wanted to combine a few of my favourite things; washi tape, vintage postcards, and a bit of stitching on paper! 

    Stitched washi tape postcards

    I like to root around at car boot sales for old black and white postcards, but for these I used our Paris postcards (they aren't too thick, so they're good for machine stitching) and washi tape from our neon and bright colours sets. I thought Paris would be perfect for a romantic theme! 

    Valentines postcards

    I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to trace a heart to stitch around.

    I used a few different stitches, including plain and zig zag stitches. It's easy to stitch through washi tape as it's very papery in texture.

    Paris postcards


    It was so much fun experimenting, and they'll make a great gift topper or even a little artwork to frame!

    See more of our paper stitching here:

    Sew your own paper gift bags

    Star advent calendar.

  • Washi tape ideas




  • Washi tape gallery wall


    Washi tape is so versatile, with lots of craft uses! Made in Japan from rice paper, it's very easy to use in lots of ways, from gift wrapping to papercrafts, adding colour to almost any surface (I just decorated a cheap wooden frame for an event display), and even for adding an individual touch to old jam jars and old bottles. One of our favourite ideas, however, is to use washi tape as a cheaper alternative way to hang photos and prints than buying expensive frames. We love to see black washi tape used on a moodboard or inspiration wall.

    How to make a washi tape gallery wall

    We loved how Elle Decoration used washi tape to hang pictures on this gallery wall in this 2013 feature. Their washi tape frame ideas are easy to replicate with a little care and effort.

    1. Practise first!

    It's trickier than you think to make these geometric shapes, so practice first on a door or an area which you're less precious about. Washi tape is inexpensive and even though it's removable, you'll regret it if you rush into a wonky design!

    2. Draw out the shape on a cutting mat

    To make a similar design to the below, draw out the shape first on a cutting mat, using a scalpel. This will be easier than trying to work out these kinds of patterns and cut straight lines directly on the wall.

    3. Use a spirit level

    When transferring the pattern across, use a spirit level to check if you've got straight lines when you're taping it up. 

    washi tape gallery wall

    Does washi tape leave marks on the wall?

    Although washi tape is widely lauded for being easily removable and not leaving any marks, if you leave it on the walls for long enough it might remove some of the paint, depending on how long you leave it and how carefully you remove it. Have you ever left painter's masking tape around the skirtings for far too long, only to find out later that the paint comes off with it? It's also more likely to take off older paint.

    Higher quality washi tape does seem to be better at not leaving marks, but I'd proceed with caution if you're very attached to spotless walls. Why not use the washi tape on a noticeboard, pegboard, or even a propped up piece of plywood?

    Will washi tape ruin my photo or print?

    Unfortunately the answer to this is likely to be yes. I'd never recommend taping a valuable picture to the wall with washi tape. Magazine cuttings, photos which you can easily reprint, cheap Etsy prints? Maybe. But an original artwork - no way. This has happened to me, where a print I wanted to frame 'someday' has been torn when I've removed the washi tape

    Washi tape is less likely to damage a photo, due to the glossy surface, but I'd still be cautious with an irreplaceable photo. To make your washi tape photo wall, I'd recommend using photos from a magazine to DIY your own wall art, or use cheap prints you can replace by printing them off from your phone.

    What kind of washi tape should I use?

    We recommend using MT tape or Maste tape. Cheaper or lower tack washi tape is more likely to fall off the wall - the brands we recommend are a little stickier.


    Shop our range of washi tape here.


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  • Christmas washi tape gift wrap


    My stash of washi tape is pretty large, but instead of complicated wrapping, most of the time my favourite way to wrap a parcel still just uses a touch of plain black washi tape or classic neon pink. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite but very simple Christmas washi tape gift wrapping below. Which is your favourite?


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