Decorating mini envelopes

Decorating mini envelopes

If you've been following along for a while, you'll know I like an easy craft and love my stash of washi tape

These mini envelopes (with cute card insert) are a sweet addition to gift wrapping tiny parcels, bullet journaling pages and homemade cards. There are lots of ways to decorate them with your own small flourish.

Decorating mini envelopes

In these photos I've decorated the mini envelopes with my usual craft favourites:

- vintage or European stamps (you can easily buy packs online), or you could use something like this Polaroid washi tape.

- white Posca fineliner pen

- gold washi tape

- neon pink washi tape

- a craft mat and scalpel

I used the scalpel to cut out a letter E shape from a stamp, and to edge the envelopes by placing a small strip of tape upside-down on the cutting mat and cutting round the edges.

mini envelopes washi tape

Other easy washi tape gift wrap ideas:

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- Check out our collection of washi tapes here.


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