Washi tape uses

I've been stocking washi tape since I first saw it on American design blogs almost a decade ago, and have loved it ever since. I recently found these easy ideas for using washi tape in the Papermash archive. There are so many washi tape uses - even children love it! Here's a few suggestions of things to do with washi tape - even the least crafty person can easily recreate these styling and gift wrapping ideas!

If you want more suggestions, I've created a free PDF with 10 of our favourite washi tape gift wrapping ideas, which you can get if you sign up to our mailing list here.

1. Decorating plain pegs 

A very easy craft to do with washi tape is decorating these mini pegs. These add a special touch to gift wrapping or for can be used for decorating a moodboard. I just placed the mini peg upside down on a cutting mat and sliced the tape to size around it.

Washi taped wooden pegs

2. Mini washi tape bunting

There's always multiple tiny jam jars or yoghurt pots in my cupboard and it's easy to make mini bunting by folding a piece of washi tape over some fine string or thread. Multiple jars make great table settings on a long summer table. If you're keen to make a longer length, it looks great as wrapping on a plain brown parcel too.

Washi tape mini bunting

3. Decorate a gift tag

It's so easy to buy cheap luggage tags or plain brown tags and decorate them with a few strips of washi tape in your favourite colours! You can cut them into little triangles or simply layer stripes horizontally or vertically, or tape round the edges.

Washi taped gift tag

Washi taped luggage label

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