How to make personalised ribbon

How to make personalised ribbon

Making your own personalised ribbon is very easy but gives incredibly satisfying results! 

1. Buy cotton ribbon (such as our grey cotton ribbon) or bias binding from a local haberdashers. The thicker ribbon below is bias binding and is very inexpensive.

2. Lay a piece of newspaper or brown paper on a cutting mat, so you don't stain your mat. 

3. Stamp the design of your choice! Our ink pads are suitable for printing on fabric, and you can fix the ink with an iron, but I've never done this and think the results turn out fine! If you use a newer ink pad it will work better as the ink saturates better when fresh.

personalised ribbon

personalised christmas ribbon

how to make personalised ribbon

I used the below rubber stamps for our ribbon:

- Pine cone stamp

- Celebration rubber stamp kit

You can also see how I stamped our grey cotton ribbon to co-ordinate with our free vintage gift tags here.


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