About Papermash

Who are Papermash?

Many of our items are sourced from independent designers specialising in artisan techniques, such as woodcut printing and letterpress. Items have been sourced from the US, Japan, Korea and the UK and have been selected for their uniqueness to the UK market and the quality of the product.

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What is letterpress?

Letterpress is one of the oldest printing techniques in the world. Using solid plates or type which are inked and then pressed into hand-fed sheets of paper, the antique technique leaves a sharp impression.

This painstaking method of hand-printing was widely used from the 15th century until new and faster printing techniques were developed over four hundred years later. In the digital age, letterpress printing is enjoying a revival, with people appreciating more than ever the craftsmanship which produces its uniquely crisp and tactile qualities.

Our letterpress items are printed on high-quality card.

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