How to make a washi tape feather

How to make a washi tape feather

Want an easy but striking washi tape idea?

I've been making washi tape feathers for years, as they've consistently been one of my favourite washi tape crafts. They're easy to make as long as you're careful in your approach (they involve some fine detail) and soon become addictive! I can guarantee that if you give someone a gift with one of these on top, they'll be seriously impressed with your crafting prowess and they'll want to learn how to make one too! You can tout yourself as a washi tape expert :)

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Lay out your washi tape

1. Lay out a piece of washi tape flat on a cutting mat, double the length of how long you want your feather to be. I folded a little extra under at the top, to secure the tape to the board.

Add the thread

2. Run a piece of thread down the centre of the tape, starting from the halfway point and leaving some extra length at the bottom (the bone of the feather.) You can use wax string or something thicker but I find the best results come from normal sewing thread.

washi tape feathers step one

{Included above: large safety pin, neon yellow washi tape, white washi tape, neon pink washi tape, pastel washi tape.}

Fold over the washi tape

3. Fold the washi tape over on itself at the midpoint, being careful to line up the outside edges.

washi tape feather step two

Shape the feather 

4. Cut round the edge of the tape, to shape it into a feather shape.

washi tape feather step three

Feather it out

5. Using a scalpel, cut lines in an upwards diagonal, away from the thread in the middle. You don't want to cut through the tape, but try and cut as close to the centre as possible. Cut the opposite side in the opposite direction - still cutting upwards, but towards the left on the left side. vs. the right on the right side.

washi tape feather step four

And finally, the finished feather!

6. Pull apart the slits carefully with your fingers to form your feather shape. They look great as a gift topper, especially bunched together. 

Washi tape supplies

You can check out our range of washi tape here. I think the feathers look best in solid colours, such as these:

- Neon pink washi tape

Gold washi tape

- Bright colours washi tape set


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