3 easy age gift wrapping ideas

I like to make a parcel a little bit special and today I'm sharing a few very easy gift wrapping ideas which celebrate the birthday age! Some people are extremely sensitive about their age (in my case it is two youngish male friends who steadfastly refuse to tell me their age) so if it's not a landmark celebration, you might want to be sure they'll appreciate it!

1. Photograph number landmarks and print the photos

ice cream birthday wrap


I've been saving this for ages - it's a photograph of a table outside a cafe on Clapham Common. Just waiting for the 41 year old friend with a summer birthday! There's lot of easy services to print your Instagrams or iphone photos. I printed this from the Printic app a few years ago, and it arrived from France within a few days and in a very stylish orange envelope. I've also used Social Print Studio and found their quality also to be good (thicker than Printic, though you'll need to order a larger quantity.) 

If you spot an appropriate number while you're out and about, you can easily photograph it and save it for an appropriate birthday! Can anyone suggest a number-themed hashtag on Instagram to give us some landmark ideas?

(Tape: similar glitter tape here.)

2. Look out for vintage ephemera

I bought the below old price labels at Chiswick car boot sale in West London, which had (at least the time I went) a stall with all kinds of vintage ephemera and paper. I love picking up these bits, which make great props and it's a bonus if they fit a birthday too! For the below I'm waiting for a 42 year old who's given me a list!

price label gift wrap

age birthday 42Also used:

Black washi tape

Black and white bakers twine


3. Decorate with vintage stamps

stamp gift wrap

postage stamp gift wrap

I love decorating with old stamps and always have some in my craft stash. I used to work across the street from Stanley Gibbons in London and I loved to pop in at lunchtime and to the other traditional stamp shops on the Strand. I'm not sure how many people from my publishing company were using their lunch hour for such pursuits but I loved the history, the specialised nature of it and the clientele. I'm not sure I've ever met a stamp collector though! Please reveal yourself in the comments if that's you ;) For crafting and essential gift wrap kit you can buy inexpensive bulk packs in places like WH Smith, who stock lots of designs including these bird stamps. You may have to trawl through your pack a bit to find countries which have age-appropriate currency (see my Polish and Vietnamese stamps below - their stamps come in denominations of 30 and 40 - bonus!) 

postage stamps gift wrap

Which is your favourite?

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