Sew your own paper gift bags

Sew your own paper gift bags

It's no secret that I love to re-use brown packaging paper, the more scrunched-up the better! High also on my list of true loves is stitching on paper - the whole reason I bought my sewing machine! Here I've used brown paper from my Rifle Paper Co deliveries and used the Christmas tree stitch on the Silvercrest sewing machine from Lidl, as well as a zig-zag stitch. I've embellished them both with the Yellow Owl Workshop gift tag stamp set and their kitchen gift stamp set. I also stamped a plain sticker with this pinecone stamp and am very happy with the results! 

Make your own wrapping paper

Brown Christmas wrapping paper

I'vee been sharing wrapping ideas on Instagram (@papermashuk) so come and take a look!

Paper gift bags


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