Paper cup gift boxes

Do you like to use things you might have around the house for gift wrapping? I'm a big fan of recycled brown paper from online shopping, but as a quirky alternative, I love these paper cup gift boxes as I often have paper cups left over from a party.

How to make paper cup gift boxes

How to make paper cup gift boxes

1. Use any kind of pretty paper cups that you have matching ribbon and tape to co-ordinate with.

2. Cut 6-7 evenly spaced slits around the edges, around 2 cm deep.

paper cup gift boxes

3. If you have an eyelet punch (a very useful tool!) - if you're like me you'll find any excuse to use it - punch an eyelet in the centre of each section. Alternatively, just cut a small slit with a scalpel for a neater overall look.

paper cup gift boxes how to 4

4. Trim the edges off the top of the paper cup and cover the edges with washi tape. You can skip this step, as it all pulls together pretty tightly anyway so the edges aren't that obvious.

Paper cup gift boxes how to 4

5. I used grey twine to thread it through (starting with one flap folded down, then layering each subsequent flap on top while pulling the string through the top.)

6. You can finish the ends of the twine with a little washi tape.

How to make a gift box from a paper cup

paper cup gift boxes trio

And then you're done! You can experiment with different methods, tags, and string - this leather string would also work well.

These paper gift boxes are a great size for jelly beans or sweets, jewellery or any other small gift.


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