10 reasons to send a card today

10 reasons to send a card

Real, hold-it-in-your-hand, smell-the-paper post may be in decline, but we still all love to receive a tangible card. Or letter. No matter how rare they’ve become. A colourful, hand-addressed envelope landing on your doormat will always deliver more of a thrill than its email equivalent, especially when glinting in pink or green from within a pile of dull, white bills. So, why not take the occasion of no occasion in particular, and make up a reason to send a card to someone who would appreciate it? Here are ten - deliciously random - reasons to send a card today...just to get you started.

1. Your friend finally passed her driving test on the eighth attempt, so you want to congratulate her on it only taking a decade...and call shotgun for the first seaside road trip.

Rifle Paper Co you rock card

{Rifle Paper Co you rock card}

2. It’s popped up in your Facebook feed that an old flame has just got engaged, and you think that if Chelsy Davy can turn up at the royal wedding to witness Harry marry Meghan, then you can be the bigger person and send your best wishes to the happy couple. It may be through gritted teeth, but you can’t read tone in a card anyway.

Rifle Paper Co love is in the air card

{Rifle Paper Co love is in the air card}

3. Through the hometown grapevine you’ve discovered that your favourite childhood teacher is about to retire, so you want to carpe diem your chance to let Mrs Haggarty know what an enormous impact she had on your young life. And not just for introducing you to Judy Blume.

You're the bees knees card

{Rifle Paper Co You're the bees knees card}

4. Your sister’s dumped that rubbish bloke from Tinder who kept accidentally calling her by the wrong name. And turning up an hour late to every date. You decide a card will let her know that you, most assuredly, approve of her decision. There are many more fish in the proverbial sea, and none of them as annoying as Danny.

5. Now your friends are having babies, you have a burning desire to let your mum know how much you appreciate her, realising what she actually endured to bring you onto the planet. And raise you into the fabulous, card-sending individual you’ve become.

super mom card


{Rifle Paper Co super mom card}

6. You feel that it’s your duty, as their most loyal and ardent customer, to thank your local pizzeria for making every Friday night a great one. And to remind them, since it’s been nearly a week since you last mentioned it, to pretty please never take that caramelised onion and gorgonzola number off the menu.

Rifle Paper Co you're out of this world card

{Rifle Paper Co you're out of this world card}

7. You want to thank your favourite hairdresser for always keeping you looking the right side of sassy, and for understanding that whenever you say “just an inch off please”, you really mean JUST AN INCH.

Rifle Paper Co strawberry fields thank you card

{Rifle Paper Co thanks a bunch card}

8. It’s always good to let your granny know you’re thinking of her. And that you love her timeless style. You wore the vintage earrings she gave you to a party and got five compliments.

9. Your cousin completed his Duke of Edinburgh gold and you’re - frankly - bloody impressed. You only managed to get as far as the bronze level. And failed that.

your future looks bright card

{Rifle Paper Co your future looks bright card}

10. Your teacher friend has caught nits from her class (for the third time this academic year), and you want to encourage her to keep on keeping on. The temporary scalp-residents may be bugging her, but she’s shaping the young minds of the future. And there’ll be a truck-load of wine and chocolates come the end of term.

Rifle Paper Co you got this card

{Rifle Paper Co You got this card}

Take five minutes to show those you love, you love them. Send a card today.

Sarah Clarke


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