Why should I buy a Rifle Paper Co planner?

why should I buy a rifle paper co planner?

why buy a Rifle Paper Co planner?

This year's Rifle Paper Co 2021 2022 planners are now in stock. These 17-month diaries are a perennial favourite, these are some of the reasons I think they're a great option if you are a lover of writing things down in a physical planner.

1. Painterly florals

Anna Bond's gouache paintings of florals are her signature style - and this year all the planner covers are floral (in previous years they've had at least one non-floral design), so these are obviously the customers' favourites too! The strong floral designs make the prettiest covers, and complement lots of the other stationery in their range.

2. Inspirational quotes

Each week has an inspirational quote to motivate you for the week ahead. I love turning the page to see what that week's quote is, from a selection of leaders, game-changers, authors and poets. We all need that little boost of encouragement!

Rifle Paper Co 2022 planners

3. Lies flat

It seems obvious, but last year I discontinued a line of planners because they didn't easily lie flat when open. Even the Rifle Paper Co planners with a covered spine lie perfectly flat, because the spine conceals spiral-binding (which you can see in the photos above.)

Rifle Paper Co planners 2022

 4. Pretty pockets

One of my favourite features are the pretty pockets for stashing receipts, tickets, and keepsake letters. I love their bright floral designs (and the dove poking out of the dovecote planner). As we come out of lockdown here in the UK, I've booked a few tickets for events later in the year (hello, Buckingham Palace gardens!) and they're all stashed here, ready to go and easy to find.

planner stickers

 5. Fun planner stickers!

Each planner has pages of fun planner stickers for marking those special and also those ordinary days! Look carefully and you'll spot our favourites, including pretzel and book stickers, and the avocado face masks to mark a spa day! And as a bonus - extra planner stickers are available to buy if you run out. There are quite a lot of stickers though (130) so sometimes I use the spares to decorate envelopes of special birthday cards etc.

What are this year's Rifle Paper Co 2021 2022 planners?

Their planner range for this year includes their classic large and medium-sized planners pictured above, which run from August 2021 to December 2022. They've streamlined the number of styles, so they are available in only the following 4 designs:

- Rifle Paper Co 2022 Marguerite large 17 month planner

- Rifle Paper Co 2022 Wildwood large 17 month planner

- Rifle Paper Co 2022 Hydrangea 17 month planner

- Rifle Paper Co 2022 Dovecote 17 month planner

And also a new academic year format, a stream-lined planner with floral monthly pages and extra pages of notes at the end.

- Rifle Paper Co 2022 Academic year Luxembourg planner

Check out the full range here.

Their 12-month planners will be in stock in July.


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