3 ways to glam up supermarket flowers

I often buy supermarket flowers if I’m visiting a friend, but like to replace the cellophane wrapping with something with a little more impact, especially if I want to keep a few stems for myself! Here’s three easy ideas to disguise your cheapish purchase using things you’ll have around the house, and are super quick to do. The wrapping will get discarded straight away so there’s no point making too much effort!

1. Brown paper and twine

The best brown paper in the UK comes with Amazon orders, so I store that up during the year. The one I used is from my latest Rifle Paper Co delivery (even the quality of their brown paper is good!) but it’s very similar, thick and a good colour. I love the wrinkles. I add some pink twine and occasionally a gift tag, sometimes using these glitter letters. Everyone loves a personalised touch!

2. Washi tape and tissue paper

I’ve got so many rolls of washi tape lying around and it’s so easy to snip them into a few triangles and add them onto plain tissue paper.

3. Painted edges

It took me less than two minutes to paint an edge using watercolours along one side of some tissue paper (admittedly not the most successfully!) but as the tissue paper is thin it dried really quickly.

Some tips for keeping roses fresh for longer:

1. Cut them horizontally on the stem as they’ll take in more water that way.

2. If they need revived, put them in boiling water.

3. Be careful with 2. and make sure you transfer them into an appropriate vessel first! I added boiling water to roses in my favourite vintage Dundee marmalade jar and it cracked the base immediately! That was a very sad day indeed, one of the low points of 2015.

{All tags and twine from Papermash.}

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