Simple clay gift tags

DAS clay tags

Every Christmas you can be guaranteed that blog posts start to appear in support of the easy craft material which is DAS air-drying clay - what it says on the tin (packet). It’s inexpensive – this time I just bought a tiny packet which made quite a few tags.

simple clay gift tags

 I made some simple gift tags by rolling out some clay, drawing round a paper tag to give me a template, stamping an inked pencil rubber for the dots and some letter stamps for the letters. I would suggest using an old ink pad if you have one (where the ink is a bit dryer.) I used this Yellow Owl Workshop ink but when I opened a fresh one, the ink didn’t take at all in the clay. Also I used red ink, which then dried out as pink. You could also try making the dots and filling them with glitter. When they are dry, you can smooth the edges of the tags with a nail file.

DAS clay tags

The clay takes around 24 hours to dry but make simple personalised tags (here combined with black and gold twine and pink jute twine.)


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