Pink paper doily parasols

Hello! Well, the sun came out today, so I’m re-posting an old, old summery project here, a little before its season, but because it’s been re-pinned many times on Pinterest and often people email me for instructions or information on where to buy the pink doilies. I’m often disappointed to find my images linking to other sources (and worse, other shops who are using them to sell the same thing), especially as I spend a lot of time and money creating original content to promote my brand. I deleted this project from our craft projects archive a long time ago, as the paper pink doilies are discontinued, but I’m rep-posting the photos here, so at least they are linked to the correct source.

 The abbreviated instructions:

- Cut a small circle out of card and mark its centre (approx. 4.5cm diameter.)

- Glue one circle onto the centre of each doily (of a larger diameter) and let it dry.

- Cut from the edge of the doily to its centre and bend into a cone shape. Secure with craft glue.

- Optional: glue wooden plug or bead to parasol and let dry. We used a 1/4″ plug painted white.

- Glue a wooden skewer to the inside of the parasol with a hot glue gun and let dry.

Project by Olivia Kanaley for Papermash.


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