3 ways to wrap using bakers twine

red and white twine

I always have a supply of bakers twine close at hand (we stock lots of colours) - it is an easy way to smarten up plain brown or white paper, and at 100 metres in length it lasts a really long time. This Christmas I tried out three different ways of wrapping using bakers twine.

bakers twine

 1. Simple plaiting

You'll have to fasten the string underneath your parcel, but it shows off beautifully the colours of the two-toned twine. I painted round the edges of white paper with watercolour paint and added a vintage brooch (part of the gift) as an extra fastening.

bakers twine styling

2. Twine-stamped paper

I wrapped some string around a spare stamp block, and stamped it randomly on plain white paper (brown paper would also look good, perhaps using a metallic ink). I quite like how it shows the stripy effect of the string. I used a hand-lettered tag and a contrasting metallic twine.

Bakers twine UK

3. Bakers twine tassels

To make the tassels, just wrap the twine round your thumb and first finger until it looks nice and chunky, tie a piece of string around it and snip! I've used red and white string here, and a plain brown tag, personalised with an alphabet stamp.

red and white twine

Which is your favourite?


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