Make your own banner kits

DIY banner kitsIncludes 122 letters & symbols, approx. 8cm tall, incl: A(5) B(3) C(2) D(3) E(7) F(2) G(3) H(3) I(4) J(2) K(2) L(4) M(4) N(4) O(4) P(3) Q (2) R(4) S(5) T(4) U(3) V(2) W(2) X Y(2) Z & ! ? '' and also symbols Ň Ç Œ Ä(2) Æ(2) Å(2) Ö(2) Ø(2) Ë Ï Ü ß(2). Note that the letters do not come in all colours. Assembly required, fasteners included. NEW: available in GOLD.  *Was £12.95.*