Do you think subscription blogs can work?

My friend, Chelsea Fuss, has just moved her Frolic blog to Patreon, a platform for subscription-based blogs. For a small fee ($1 per month plus tax) you can access her blog content, which showcases her relaxed floral style. I've been reading Frolic and following Chelsea's travels since 2004, and she's been creating consistently great content ever since.

Chelsea Fuss

Chelsea says: "I was very excited recently to come across Patreon, as it turns the ad-generated internet upside down, and instead runs content on subscriptions. The Internet is my livelihood and my blank creative canvas but I've become disappointed in the intrusion into personal data and the focus on consumerism. I welcome an opportunity to run my business in a new way, through subscriptions."

Posts already up include 'How to source flowers','How to make wildflowers last as long as possible' and top recommendations of places to visit in Lisbon, where Chelsea is currently living. Future posts will include flower tutorials and tips for becoming a floral designer. 

I worked at The Times when they first launched their digital subscription (a model they're still using 10 years on), so the concept of paying for online content isn't new - I'm interested to know, do you think this model can work for bloggers?

While I'm reluctant to sign up for more paid services, I have no problem spending £5 a day on coffee or lunch I could make at home, and any number of other impulse purchases. Over the years I've literally handed over thousands of pounds of my hard-earned money to Pret A Manger! 

Although I don't object to bloggers publishing sponsored content (I've collaborated with some blogs myself), I think it's made blog content less interesting. Paying a small subscription fee seems like an easy way to support a few content creators who add particular value in education, resources and entertainment, and even just because they have a talent I think deserves recognition and a little reward 'tip' from me. So I've signed up to Frolic and look forward to what Chelsea creates.


I've definitely noted how many of my real-life friends have purchased from my shop over the years (only a small number, but I've mentally bookmarked them and send them appreciative vibes) so in this case it's important to me also to support a friend. 

Would you pay for a blog subscription? Or you do you think blogs and social media are an area where we just expect to consume for free? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Patreon has over 50,000 creators sharing video content and audio shows, DIY tutorials and covers all kinds of themes and content. Check out Frolic blog here.

All photos © Chelsea Fuss


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