Rifle Paper Co calendars 2022


As usual, I have all the styles of Rifle Paper Co 2022 calendars in stock! I’ve been stocking Rifle Paper Co calendars and planners since they first came out and they’ve obviously been a bestseller for them as a brand. They’ve extended the range of designs and styles in the years since, with some repeated popular themes. I have lots of repeat customers, many of them male, so I suspect a lot of calendar purchases are gifts. If you need convincing, there's a bit of detail below about each of the designs.


If you like a visual representation of your month (rather than in your phone), the appointment calendars have a large space for writing in upcoming engagements. I know some families like to have a wall calendar hanging in the kitchen so everyone can keep on top of what's coming up.

If you like a pretty floral design, there is always a calendar in both a portrait and landscape format. This year's calendars are the Rifle Paper Co 2022 Marguerite appointment calendar (horizontal) and the Rifle Paper Co 2022 Luxembourg appointment calendar (vertical). In my opinion the Marguerite calendar is a bit prettier as the background of the pages is a mix of white and pastels so each month is more varied and there's an extra column for notes on the right - we've added every month so the product pages so you can see the different designs. However, somehow I visually prefer a vertical calendar so it might just depend what fits best in your space.

Rifle Paper Co 2022 appointment calendars

There are a couple of downsides to these calendars which it's worth flagging. The beginning of the week on the Rifle Paper Co calendars starts on Sunday and runs to Saturday, so if you prefer your calendar week to run Monday - Sunday, this might not be the calendar for you. Also as it's a US brand, it won't have all the UK bank holidays on it so you'll need to write those in, but maybe having to add in the bonus Queen's Jubilee bank holidays by hand (on Friday 3rd June, with the late May bank holiday moved to Thursday 2nd June) will prompt you early in the year to start making an exciting plan for the extended weekend!


Rifle Paper Co do love an inspirational quote or two (this card with a Matisse quote is popular), and their planners have a different quote on each page) so if you like that kind of uplifting motivation, you'll like this vertical calendar.

If you'd like to make some cheap artwork, if there’s a quote you particularly love you could neatly cut off the illustration above the month and frame it. I haven’t used them personally but I was convinced by Alexandra Stedman's endorsement of Easyframe (on this IGTV about affordable framing) so I'm going to give it a go. Their custom mounts and frames are inexpensive.

Rifle Paper Co quotes calendar 2022


Is 2022 the year you’ll start travelling further afield? I find myself searching for ‘films set in New York’ on Netflix for a glimpse of my favourite city but it still might be a while before I get there or feel comfortable doing so. You can satisfy your wanderlust (albeit just a little!) with the Rifle Paper Co 2022 travel calendar which has illustrations of many dream destinations including France, Mexico and Iceland – many people obviously feel the same because they bring out this calendar every year in both the wall-hung format and a desk calendar.

Rifle Paper Co 2022 world traveler calendar


Are you someone who likes to style up their workspace? The Rifle Paper Co desk calendars (this year there is a floral and travel design) have pretty illustrations and are spiral-bound so they stand nicely. I think these are for real fans of the Rifle brand because they don’t have the days of the weeks on them, and they run Sunday – Saturday which might not be the most logical layout for you, but they are definitely aesthetically very pleasing!

Rifle Paper Co 2022 desk calendars


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