Black and white home office ideas

These striking black and white offices have been styled by House Doctor to show off some its newest home office products, but it highlights many great ideas for styling monochrome workspaces. I've added some of my favourite workspace styling tips below.


House Doctor desk accessories

How to style a black and white home office

1. I love an inspiration or moodboard of any type. The large noticeboard uses washi tape and small bulldog clips like these gold foldback clips to arrange a collection of inspirational black and white images. Even when I worked in a corporate environment I added a little washi tape here or there to tape financial calendars to the wall! In the below photo the noticeboard adds brightness and texture to an otherwise dark space and can be easily refreshed when you're bored of the images! 

2. A half-painted wall, contrasting shelves or shelf brackets, or in this case a white floor, can help break up the space. Dark walls may look better in styled photographs that they do in real life - dark walls work best in a bright room. An all-dark room may feel a little oppressive. If you can position your desk near a window, it will be a much more productive space. If you're using a black and white theme only, I prefer the walls and desk to be the same colour. Bear in mind the white might not be white enough for your needs if you want it to multitask as a flat-lay background - I've had a few white Ikea trestle tops which haven't quite worked for that purpose.

Black and white home office ideas

 {Similar to above: smaller letter board}

Black and white home office

Black and white inspiration wallgiant bulldog clip

{Above: giant bulldog clipstailor scissors.}

black and white home decorating ideas

{Above: white wire basket, grey wire basket}

3. A black and white workspace can look a little stark so you might want to introduce some of the following colours and textures which can make it more interesting;

- grey

- wooden accessories (the chair above works well) - a light wood such as birch can look great with dark walls, as well as a distressed trestle table, or a sleek modern walnut desk.

- brown paper

- gold and brass

- neon pink

Below are a few ideas of accessories which work well in a monochrome environment:

 black and white home office accessories


How I decorate my home office

Although I love the idea of a sleek, modern home office, I'm not much of a minimalist. I've moved offices a few times recently but I tend to repeat the same themes everywhere. These work as decorating ideas for a black and white home office but also in any workspace! I hope to share some photos of my latest space soon.

1. Add some seasonality

I like to walk around my area with a secret pair of flower scissors and snip the occasional overhanging flower or even pretty weeds from my local common. I love to tape seasonal dried flowers to the wall or to my pegboard, or make a garland from leaves or dried hydrangeas to add a bit of texture and mark the seasons, and bring in a bit of nature inside. I usually have a few half-dead houseplants or succulents on the go - and would love them to thrive - but I'm really quite attached of the bits of dried roses and dead weeds I've taped to the wall.

2. Surround myself with inspirational words

The above office shows a large letter board (find a similar smaller letter board here) and I like to switch over to a different inspirational quote each month. Which are your favourite inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs? 

3. Monitor my goals

I'm using a weekly bullet journal to plan out weekly tasks and keep myself accountable. Normally this is more focused on personal goals (going to the gym, having no-spend days) as work patterns can be harder to predict, but as these are integrated into my work day I like to see this clearly displayed in front of me. I tape it onto my pegboard and take great satisfaction in colouring in those little squares (or not) at the end of each day!

4. Keep things I use often in easy reach

I like to have everything on hand (even my clothes are on an open rail) so I always have scissors, pens, rolls of washi tape, a cutting board, a scalpel, paintbrushes and watercolours on display in a variety of vintage jars and ceramic yoghurt pots. 

5. Surround myself with things which are beautiful

In this dull, midsummer week, I've been lighting summer-scented candles to whisk myself away to the Italian coast. Small details like pretty matches make it a nicer ritual.  I'll also have a little glass teapot to encourage healthy herbal tea habits! I often work in the early evening and don't have brilliant overhead lighting so I also have a stylish but cheap desk lamp I bought from Argos.

How have you personalised your space?


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