Five minute fix: egg chapatis

For quite a while, on my things-I’d-like-to-try list have been egg chapatis – I had the tastiest egg naan at Dishoom on this photo walk, and it seemed so simple. Then, more recently, I’ve been intrigued by the two young lads and their mum making a small fortune at my local train station selling bacon and egg chapatis – chapati / bacon / fried egg / ketchup – that’s it, but it seems to be working.

I went to see Chef last night (which I really enjoyed) so inspired by all things culinary, this morning I whipped up an egg chapati – and then another…


  • chilli jam (real chillis would probably taste very good, too)
  • cream cheese
  • eggs
  • coriander (you could skip this) and
  • chapatis – I bought them ready made. Life’s too short for many things. (On the other hand, have never understood why people buy crumble mix.)

These literally take less than five minutes to make – just dry-fry your chapatti in a saucepan for around thirty seconds each side (too much longer and they’re difficult to fold, this one was a little bit crispy), and smear on your ingredients.

Fry an egg (you want it to be at least a little runny, I *may* never have fried an egg before, don’t judge me for my over-runniness), add salt and pepper and you’re done!

Roll them up in some kind of cloth or napkin (yellow striped napkins and triangle napkins here) as they are a little messy. Yum! I’ll definitely make these again.

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