A few new washi wrapping ideas

Last weekend I spent an afternoon working on a few wrapping ideas using scrap ends of washi tape.

Firstly, a little patchwork box (saw it on Pinterest). I swore I wouldn’t be cutting out tiny triangles from washi tape again (at least for a while) but not sure why I didn’t also ban tiny squares.

I started like this, measuring out the lid of the box in washi tape to have an outline and then added strips of tape to make squares from.

I scrapped that idea, as I just couldn’t get them all to line up accurately on the box (I’m sure a more precision-focused crafter could pull it off) so instead I started over by just adding full strips on the box, marking lines with my scalpel and then just lifting up occasional squares and swapping them over to get the patchwork effect. It turned out well but was a painful experience. #killercrafting

Secondly, for ages I’ve had the idea to washify a little pencil (this one is an Ikea freebie) and add it to a writing-themed gift. I thought it was perfect for this Rifle Paper Co journal gift.

Pretty pleased with that one too. You can find more ideas on my washi tape Pinterest board. There are only a few left in stock of these washi tape designs (the range was mostly discontinued but I will have some new patterns soon.)

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