Business questions: on business cards

How often do you give out business cards? I’ve always had a very slapdash approach to carrying them around (ie I don’t) and so never have one when am asked. But recently in quick succession I missed two good opportunities to share my details and my brand with complete strangers, once in a bar and once on a plane. So I just printed a new batch and have had them in my wallet for the last two weeks (in which time there have been no business card opportunities.) As most of my networking is online, and most of my non-virtual life focuses on priorities and interests not particularly related to my shop, I don’t end up giving out cards very often at all.

If you’re part of a small operation, what do you call yourself on your card? In this book, Blake Mycoskie suggests giving yourself a title which makes your business seem bigger, so people will take you more seriously. So, although there’s no way I’d call myself ‘Vice President of xx’ (his very American suggestion), I’ve been trying to think of something more imaginative than my current description of ‘owner’. I quite fancy creative director, but then I think of the years and years I slogged to become an accountant, and so don’t want my title to sound so creative (since I look at spreadsheets every single day.) I can’t possibly be CEO of a one-person operation, and so I’m a bit stumped! Any ideas?

(Spotted tray is part of this desk set, and I used a photo from this shoot for my most recent cards.)

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